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Typical Technical Services Projects
PDVSA Services, Inc. B.V./ SvF International, MTU Dieselmotor -  Qty 20, 8V200M72 Reciprocating Gas Engines,
Hato Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles  - Owner's Engineer, Pre-Shipment Inspection.
PDVSA Services, Inc. B.V. / Bluecrest/ KCT Kumana II/ NMT Projects International – 1 x W501 D5 Barge Mounted
Packaged Power Plant Over-Haul, Balance of Plant Systems, Deerpark, TX - Final Inspection.
PDVSA Services / Bluecrest/ KCT Kumana II/ Turbine Technologies – 1 x W501 D5 Barge Mounted Packaged
Power Plant Over-Haul and Re-Commissioning, Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands Antilles  - Owner's Engineer,
Progressive Inspection, Expediting, Authorization of Milestones, Project Management, Commissioning Systems,
Pre-Shipment Inspection, Witness All Testing.
PRADO/ Blencor/ Teal Construction - Refrigerated Warehouse Construction, Sealy, TX - Column/ Structural
Alignment, Bolt Torque Verifications.
Optim Energy Altura CoGeneration, LLC/ Quadstar Energy Services - Channelview, TX - Owner's Engineer,
Negotiated Master Purchase Agreement.
Quadstar Energy Services - Houston, TX - Technical Marketing Assistance, Project Development.
Quadstar Energy Services - Houston, TX - Technical Assistance for Qualification for National Board R-Stamp.
AGIP/ B&W Fluid Mechanics - Pipeline Internal Crawler & Endoscope, La Porte, TX - Owner's Engineer,
Determination of Pipeline Internal Weld Conditions.
Chevron, FMC/ ETFH - Qty 82 - 9 Inch Subsea Gate Valves, Houston, TX - Total Requirements, Owner's
Representative, Qualification and Production, Progressive Inspection, Witness all Material Testing, Pre-Shipment
PDVSA/General Electric Aero Energy / Inter Rao/ PRIVOD - Venezuela Power Emergency, Qty 14 GE LM 2500 Gas
Turbine Generator Packages - La Porte, TX, Cincinnati, OH, Lysva, Perm, Russia - Owner's Engineering
Representative for Full Requirements, Pre-Order Negotiations, Progressive Inspection, Project Management,
Vendor Surveillance, Witness Gas Turbine Factory Acceptance Testing, and Pre-Shipment Inspection.
PETROMAINT/ Valerus Compression –  Engine, Waukesha Engine P9390GSI, 1200 RPM, 900-2063 BHP
Compressor, Frame Assembly, Dresser-Rand Company 6HOS2, 1200 RPM, 2-Throw Cooler, AHX Air Cooler,
108FF3, P9390, Bay City, TX, - Visual Inspection, Witness Factory Acceptance Testing, Final Inspection.
Ric Middleton, PE
Houston, TX
PDVSA/Ethos Energy - Solar TurbinesCentaur 50 Gas Turbine, Houston, TX - Witness Factory Acceptance
Testing, Pre-Shipment Final Inspection, Packaging Inspection, and Documentation Review.
Chicago Bridge & Iron/ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries First Pearland, TX Plant Shop Order, Steam Turbine Driven
Compression Package, Ingleside Ethylene Wet Air Oxydation Total Requirements, Progressive Inspection and
Expediting, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Documentation Review.
Abdullah A M Al Khodari Sons, Saudi Consolidated Electric Company East – Qurayyah Power Station, 4 x 1000 MW
Gas Fired, Supercritical Steam Generating Units, Mechanical Maintenance, Saudization Qualifications Manual,
Technical Writing, Project Engineering, and Maintenance Consulting.
Babcock Hitachi Kure – Kure, Hiroshima-Ken, Japan, Ultra-Supercritical Steam Generators, Multi Project
Engineering Auxiliary Systems Vendor Competitive Analysis, Procurement, Engineering
General Electric Aero Energy – La Porte Texas, Mechanical Development Project Engineering, LM 6000 and
LM 2500, Modec Project, Air, Gas Fuel, Liqued Fuel, Lube Oil, Water, Mechanical Systems as required. Mechanical
Design and Pand ID Development..
PDVSA Services / Venezuela Power Emergency – Severe Drought resulted in power shortage when Guri Dam
Hydro Station was not functional. Venezuela Power Emergency Project incorporated unlimited resources and
strategies to install gas fired generation in the shortest amount of time.  Assets were acquired from world-wide
sources including cancelled generation projects, moth-balled generation installations, stranded generation
assets, new gas turbine packages, and gray market generation assets. Performed as Owner's Engineer for Due
Diligence Reviews, Technical Strategies, Vendor Proposal Review, Pre-Order Negotiations, Vendor Surveillance,
Project Management, Factory Testing, Commissioning, Vendor and Contractor Liason, Inspection, Expediting, and
Full Requirements.
PDVSA/ ProEnergy Services – 2 x GE 7EA Packaged Power Plants – South Haven, MS - Preliminary Technical
Diligence Review and Inspection for Mothballed Power Generating Units
PES, srl Italy/ Siemens/ Enel - Qty 30 Wind Turbine Generator Blades - Galveston, TX - Final Inspection and
Document Review
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