13 GE LM 2500 Gas Turbines, Petroleo de Venezuela SA, Owner’s Engineering Representative (Far Right), Verifying Manufacturing Milestones.
Energy, Power, and Systems Expertise
Electric Utility Power Generating Systems
Combined Cycles, Co-Generation, & CHP
Gas Turbine Generator Packages
Steam Turbine Generators
Heat Recovery Steam Generators ( HRSG )
Power Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Rotating, Turbo, & Mechanical Equipment
Reciprocating Engines
Air Pollution Control Systems
CO and SCR Selective Catalytic & Reduction
Liquid, Gas, & Steam Valves & Piping Systems
Flow Control Dampers, Fans, & Duct Systems
Shell and Tube, Plate, & Forced Air Heat Exchangers
Electrical Power Distribution, Protection, & Control
Emergency Standby Electrical Power & UPS
Primary and Secondary Unit Substations
Electrical Switchgear & Circuit Breakers
Substation Transformers
Owner's Engineering Representative
Design Reviews, Assessments, & Studies
Specs, Concept Design, & Application Engineering
Accident Investigation & Claims Technical Services
Due Diligence, Audits (Gray Market Power Systems)
Witness Factory Acceptance Testing, FAT
Shop & Field Inspection/ Expediting
Contractor & Vendor Surveillance
Pre-Shipment Inspection, PSI
Boiler/ HRSG Engineering Inspections
Compliance & 3rd Party Certifications
Technical Marketing & Proposal Management
Contract Negotiation & Administration
Welding & NDE Review ***
Witness Hydrostatic Testing
Subject Matter Expert/ Witness
Digital Photography, Videography

Exactly What We Do
Ricardo Middleton, PE provides Short-Term or Long-Term Consulting and Technical Services in the Gulf of Mexico Energy Region, the United States of America, and Internationally. Assistance is available on any application without the complexity, time, and expense associated with large consulting engineering firms. Ricardo Middleton, PE is a "Truly Independent Resource", that is not subject to any exclusive contractual relationship with any other provider of Technical Services. Let me be your Engineering, Technical, Commercial, or 3rd Party (Third Party) Independent, Confidential, Representative.

An important aspect of Ricardo Middleton’s background is his very extensive knowledge of Contract Liability, Contract Negotiation, and Proposal Management. You need a highly Technical Representative that understands all critical aspects of EPC contracts.

Ricardo Middleton, PE’s Ethical Code will greatly exceed the ethics policy of all others. In addition, Ricardo Middleton, PE provides Technical Services at a reduced cost from Agencies, Large Engineering Constructors (EPC), and other firms

Ricardo Middleton, PE will provide expert technical advisory services for equipment and systems. Yes, we can be your Owner's Representative for equipment supply and construction projects. Yes, we routinely Witness Factory Acceptance Testing ( FAT ) and provide Source Inspection and Project Expediting Services. Yes, we can represent your technical and commercial interests on any matter. Ricardo Middleton, PE has represented many independent clients and in addition, ApTech Engineering, Rimkus Consulting Engineering, BIE-British Inspection Engineering Int'l, International Quality Consultants, SGS North America, Burotec, and Bureau Veritas on multiple Contracting Projects.