Witness Hydrostatic Testing Hydrostatic Testing is performed to confirm the integrity of the Pressure Boundary for Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Portions of Boilers and Veassels including penetrations, appurtenances, valves, fixtures, and for Piping and Tubing Systems. The purpose of the testing is to confirm, under simulated Operating or Design Pressure, that […]

Witness Factory Acceptance Testing Valves are important flow control devices in all thermal, chemical, cooling, and distribution systems for fluids and gases.  Ricardo Middleton, PE is experienced with Power Generation, Energy, and General Industrial applications of multiple valve designs and configurations. No matter the specifications, we will follow your ITP […]

Witness Gas Turbine Factory Acceptance Testing Over 35 years of experience in all aspects of Fossil Electric Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Protection, and Control. I was exposed to Gas Turbines early in my career starting with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Power Systems Business Unit. One thing that distinguishes me from […]