PTC 22 Gas Turbine Performance Testing

Witness Gas Turbine Factory Acceptance Testing

One of 13 GE LM 2500 Gas Turbines, Evendale, OH

Over 35 years of experience in all aspects of Fossil Electric Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution, Protection, and Control. I was exposed to Gas Turbines early in my career starting with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation Power Systems Business Unit.

One thing that distinguishes me from other engineers, is my supreme knowledge of Engineering Contract Liability. In every one of my project assignments, I was the ultimate Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Expert. What this means is that I am acutely aware of all contractual obligations of all parties. I am a Senior Contract Negotiator!

My hands-on experience was extensive with the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company where I participated in numerous accident investigations with Small Frame GE Gas Turbines at the Croydon Station near Philadelphia. I covered Electric Utility Station’s Operation & Maintenance activities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, and occasional New England responsibilities. Understanding power generating stations from an insurance, operations, design, and manufacturing perspective are also very unique qualifiers of my experience.

I became intimately familiar with Gas Turbine Performance Characteristics particular to the thermal-hydraulic design of Heat Recovery Steam Generators for Power Class installations (7FA and W501) in the Engineering-Procurement-Construction Market. When I say EPC, I refer to B&V, S&L, Bibb & Assoc., Parsons, Brown & Root, …, Etc., Etc.

At Oglethorpe Power Corporation and later as Plant Manager and Site Construction Representative with the Williams Energy Marketing and Trading Company, I became familiar with the management of Gas Turbine Generator installations including three operating stations, one proposed operating station, and one 3x3x1 Combined Cycle Construction Project.

At Rolls Royce Aero Energy, I performed as the Power Generation, Senior Lead Specialist, covering all Trent and RB 211 Gas Turbine Generator Package Designs from US and Derby UK groups. Later, I specialized in Design Development of the GE LM 2500 and LM 6000 at the GE La Porte Facility.

I have participated in hundreds of Total Component Gas Turbine Dismantled Inspections with the primary objective of determining the extent and cause of damage in the field for a fleet of energy industry gas turbines, and also the correction of operating practices going forward. I have literally witnessed hundreds of PTC 22 Performance Tests at Pratt & Whitney East Hartford, GE La Porte, GE Evendale, Rolls Royce Mount Vernon, Solar Turbines Desoto, a Westinghouse 501D5 in Dry Dock Overhaul on Curacao, and many other locations.

Trust that when you send me your Test Requirement, ITP, Specifications, Terms, …, Etc., that I am acutely aware of the contractual obligations of all parties, that I am familiar with the Gas Turbine Design, that I am knowledgeable of operating requirements and their impact on operating life, that I am absolutely independent and capable of challenging any technical ideology, that I am acutely aware of the importance of all test parameters, that I will faithfully & ethically represent your interests, and that I am ready for your assignment before you call me.