Ricardo (Ric) Middleton, PE
Ric Middleton, PE
Houston, TX
Gallery - Just chilling out on New
Year's Eve with my son.  We went out
for some good food and a few drinks,
when we stumbled upon LUCY
Ethiopian Restaurant, Lounge, and
Tres Chic Establishment on Interstate
59S in South West Houston, TX. We
stepped into Lucy and we were
immediately in love with the Spot. We
made selections from their enticing
menu and we enjoyed every moment of
time, every succulent explosion of taste,
the stimulating conversation from the
Ethiopian Management, and the overall
curb appeal of this fine establishment.  
The management was preparing for the
midnight countdown and the arrival of
guests in the early evening.  After
talking for a while, I was invited to do
behind the scene photography of the
night's activities and I agreed because I
love surprises.
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