Ricardo (Ric) Middleton, PE
Ric Middleton, PE
Houston, TX
Industrial Samples Gallery - My Industrial Photographs are included in visit reports associated
with the projects that I participate in.  The photographs are accompanied by short, factual phrases and
offer the undisputed truth. " The casting pour was witnessed by Mr. Middleton". "Welding defect #23 was
excavated through the complete metal thickness and witnessed by Mr. Middleton".  " The Refurbished
150 MVA Power Transformer was set in place on June 15, 5 days ahead of schedule".

I have performed thousands of loss prevention inspections while employed by Hartford Steam Boiler
Inspection and Insurance Company, on some of the world's largest industrial installations. I value that
experience. No part of that experience was more enriching than the after work fireside chats, with
hundreds of Naval Boiler Techs, Seasoned Inspectors, and Industry Engineers. I know when I see
something wrong, I know what can happen, I know what has happened. On one of the most freakish
turbine failures that I have ever seen, the greatest concern for Hartford, was "How Many Westinghouse
Frame 73 Steam Turbines do we have turning today"?

I know my way around an engineering contract. It is this specific knowledge that separates me from other
engineers. Contract Liability. I will exhibit total understanding of your commercial interests, your liability,
and the liability of your contractor or supplier. I have worked on either side of EPC Contracts, and in the
middle as well. Adding to that, I am a Senior Applications/Design Engineer with emphasis on Heavy,
Power Systems, Equipment, and Machinery. Yes, I know Mechanical and Electrical, very well. If
employed by you, I would be your Business Development Director. Trust me to be your faithful
Representative on any project, on any matter.
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